About BHA/History

The U.S Housing Authority was created in 1937, in its efforts to remove unsafe, dilapidated housing. This program allowed funding for construction of safe, decent and affordable housing.

The City of Bryan Housing Authority (BHA) was established May 13, 1952, with completion of its first phase of affordable housing units. February 10, 1959 BHA completed its second phase of construction. In early 1980 BHA completed is third property located off Leonard Rd, bringing BHA total to 300 affordable housing units.

BHA develops, own and operates housing for low income families. BHA is funded by (HUD) The Department of Housing and Urban Development, and adheres to the department’s guidelines and regulations. (BHA is a Public Housing facility with its own property units, which is not to be confused with the HUD Section 8 Voucher Program.)

Under the former administration beginning mid-2008, Narda Holland became Executive Director; bringing her experience, knowledge and vision to BHA. Following in her steps, Executive Director, Rissina Hall continues with the same concept of improvement of unit conditions and properties. BHA success continues through a high standard of excellence and in its promoting community ownership. BHA has also created opportunities by implementing programs, and collaborating with other agencies, all in an effort to improve resident’s self-sufficiency and economic independence. BHA is not only here to provide safe, decent, affordable housing. BHA is here to improve the lives of its residents and surrounding community.